Training, implementation coaching and professional development

Number Sense Maths provides comprehensive training and support to ensure schools get the most out of the teaching programmes. Delivered over zoom, sessions are free unless a charge is stated.

Please note: upcoming sessions are shown below. To see a full list of training running until the end of the Spring term 2022 please click here.

Introductory training (open to all)

A free, live introductory webinar focused on how to develop number sense, and the addition and subtraction fact fluency of the children in your school. The training includes 45 minutes on the principles of number sense and number fact teaching and an overview of the Number Sense Maths programmes. There will also be 15 minutes (or more if needed!) for questions and discussion. Open to all.

* The same material is covered in each session.*

Implementation coaching (subscribers only)

Our free, live subscriber coaching supports teachers/TAs who are using the programme in school. Each session has ~30 minutes coaching on a specific theme or aspect of the programme, followed by ~30 mins live Q&A on any implementation questions you have or areas you would like support with. There are 4 sessions held every long term (12 sessions a year). Open to all teachers/TAs at subscribing schools.

Please note: The coaching sessions are not recorded in order that attendees can speak freely in the live Q&A. However, a video with a recorded voiceover to the slides reviewed in the coaching is available after the session (uploaded to the Teacher Guidance section of the Teacher Portal).

Pedagogy of a number fact session

This session will explain the three-part structure of a number fact session: review of prior learning, whole class discussion, and individual practice. We will explain the purpose and pedagogical features of each part, and model each of the three parts.

Thu 27 Jan, 4pm

Meeting the needs of all pupils in number fact sessions

We strongly believe that structured number fact teaching offers something to all children, regardless of prior experience and attainment. This session provides lots of practical support strategies for you to use with low and high attainers.

Thu 3 Mar, 4pm

Number Fact Fluency and the wider Year 1 curriculum

This session looks at linking the calculation strategies taught in daily number facts sessions to the main maths lesson. It also looks at Y1 maths curriculum planning, providing rationale and advice for where the Number Sense Maths approach differs, such as not teaching counting on to calculate, and not teaching bridging across 10 in Year 1.

Tue 15 Mar, 4pm

* We advise attending introductory training before coming to coaching so you have got a basic understanding of the programmes. You can then use the coaching to improve your understanding and implementation.*

Professional development and pedagogical support (subscribers only)

Our in-depth training courses provide an opportunity to discuss and learn about the research, pedagogy and principles behind systematic number sense and number fact teaching, and will help you to get the most out of the Number Sense Maths programmes.

Teachers join a cohort of engaged teaching practitioners, sharing advice and support in the live training sessions and in the online community group. In-depth courses are open to all teachers/TAs at subscribing schools with the costs as shown below. Courses are available during the day or through twilights.

In-depth training course:

Early Years Number Sense Teaching

The in-depth early years number sense training is under development. Courses will be running from September 2022.

In-depth training course:

Number Fact Teaching

The in-depth number fact training course covers the following key elements of number fact teaching:

  • Subitising
  • Number composition
  • Fluency within 10 
  • Ten and A Bit numbers
  • Bridging 10
  • Extending to two digit calculation

The course costs £75 + vat per person.

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