Number Sense Maths

Number Sense Maths provides three teaching programmes and associated training for teachers. The programmes build a deep understanding of number and number relationships and develop fluency in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts and concepts. The comprehensive training supports teachers to implement the programmes and to achieve the best outcomes for their children.

Programmes and approach

The short videos below provide an overview of the general Number Sense Maths approach, and an introduction to each programme. To find out more, and to ask us any questions, come along to a free introductory training session.

6 mins 3 secs

Builds a deep understanding of quantity and of numbers to 10, supports the EYFS framework

For Reception

Builds fluency in addition & subtraction facts, and confidence and flexibility with number

For KS1 and beyond

Builds fluency in multiplication & division facts, and understanding of multiplicative relationships

For KS2 and beyond

Training and professional development

Number Sense Maths provides comprehensive training to support teachers implementing the programmes. All sessions are held live, over zoom. Three types of training session are available:

Introductory training

A one hour session providing an overview of the principles behind the programmes and on getting going in your school (~45 minutes), and live Q&A (~15 minutes). Sessions held throughout the year. Open to all. Free of charge.

Subscriber coaching

A one hour coaching session with ~30 minutes on a theme related to the Number Sense Maths programmes, followed by ~30 minutes live Q&A on any implementation questions attendees have. Four sessions are held every long term, twelve per year. Open to subscribers only. Free of charge.

In-depth training courses

Training courses which provide an opportunity to learn and discuss the research, pedagogy and principles behind the Number Sense Maths programmes, and to review how to get the most out of the resources. Courses are held once per half term. Open to subscribers only. Per person charge.