Systematic Number Fact Teaching

Are your children stuck counting on their fingers? Number Sense Maths is a highly visual number fact teaching programme for schools that leads to a deep understanding of number and number relationships, and fluency in addition and subtraction facts.

The programme is aligned with the NCETM PD materials and with the ready to progress criteria in the 2020 DfE guidance on teaching mathematics in primary schools. It provides all the resources and guidance schools need to deliver daily number fact sessions from £99 per year. The programme includes easy to use assessment materials enabling you to track pupils' progress and to demonstrate impact.

Number Sense Maths is supported by comprehensive training to help you get the most out of the programme. Come along to a free, introductory training webinar to hear more about developing the addition and subtraction fact fluency of your children and how Number Sense Maths can help you.

"We are using Number Sense Maths every day. Huge impact on pupil progress. Thank you!"

Quernmore Primary School

"We are really excited about the fluency our children have achieved this year more than any other. Number Sense Maths has made such a difference."

Greenleas Primary School

"We took a Year 5 child back to the beginning of Number Sense Maths. She had so many interventions before but now her number facts are sticking for the first time. She's loving it."

Marksbury Primary School

The Number Sense Maths programme is...

Phonics for maths

A systematic and structured scheme of work based on a defined set of addition and subtraction facts and a defined set of calculation strategies. Brings the focus to teaching early calculation that phonics programmes bring to teaching decoding. 

Research informed

Informed by research into the mathematical development of young children, by 10 years of classroom teaching, and by maths lesson observations in Shanghai. 7 key research principles underpin the programme.

Highly visual

Builds on our innate ability to process quantities visually with graphics that expose mathematical structures. With animations and exercises with visual scaffolding, and a wide range of practical activities, a deep understanding of number and quantity is developed.

Led by content not technology

Number Sense Maths is content for teachers, delivered through the online Teacher Portal. It is not an online practice platform for children. A school subscription includes log ins for all teachers and TAs at the school.

"It's exactly what we've been looking for. A few children might revert to fingers sometimes but none need to anymore."

Victoria Park Primary School

"Hugely beneficial to both the children's learning and to support parents who have really engaged with the resources."

Fox Primary School

"After only three half hour sessions led by an experienced teacher, children are already starting to make connections and appear so much more confident in working with number."

Nunney First School