Schools access the Number Sense Maths programmes through annual subscriptions. Non school based individuals can also subscribe, with in-depth training included in the first year. Free membership provides access to substantial teacher guidance and a sample of the teaching resources. See below for information on the resources included in subscriptions and in free membership.


Programmes provide teaching resources and training for teachers. As such, pricing is subject to school size rather than the number of pupils being taught the programme. Prices are shown below (ex VAT). Please note the 1/2 form entry price is only available for schools operating mixed age classes.

School Size Early Years Number Sense
Number Facts Fluency
Times Tables Fluency
½ Form Entry £59 £115 £115
1 Form Entry £79 £159 £159
1½ Form Entry £99 £205 £205
2 Form Entry £119 £249 £249
2½ Form Entry £139 £295 £295
3 Form Entry £149 £329 £329
4+ Form Entry £159 £345 £345

Please note: by subscribing you agree to use the Number Sense Maths resources in your registered school only, and for the period of your subscription only. For more information on our Terms and Conditions click here.

For schools subscribing to the Number Facts Fluency programme a Master Exercise Reference Book is available. This book is a spiral bound book containing a black and white copy of each of the progressive pupil exercises in the Number Facts Fluency Programme. It costs £44.99 ex vat and can be ordered here.

Tutors and individuals 

Subscriptions are available for individuals who wish to use programmes in non school settings. In-depth training is included in the subscription price for the first year. Please contact us for more information.

Programme resources

The tables below show the elements included in the programme subscriptions, along with the elements you can access through free membership.