Subscriber coaching

Subscriber coaching sessions support teachers and TAs at subscribing schools. These live one hour coaching sessions are held over zoom, with ~30 minutes on a theme related to the Number Sense Maths programmes, followed by ~30 minutes live Q&A on any implementation questions attendees have. Four sessions are held every long term, twelve per year. Open to subscribers only. No charge.

Examples of subscriber coaching themes

Number facts session pedagogy

Explanation of the three-part structure of a number fact session: review of prior learning, whole class discussion, and individual practice. Discussion of the purpose and pedagogical features of each part, and modelling of each of the three parts.

KS2 - main class teaching and 1:1 support

Many KS2 children count on their fingers to solve addition and subtraction facts. This session explained how to assess, plan and teach the Number Facts Fluency Programme, in both small groups and whole class, so that children in KS2 achieve factual fluency.


Discussion of how to make the most of the assessment resources included in both the Early Years Number Sense programme and the Number Facts Fluency programme in order to track children's progress.

Mixed age classes

Review of our suggested model for teaching mixed age classes, designed to be manageable for one adult and 30 children with no plate spinning required! This session covered the teaching of both the early years and fluency programmes for those who have a mixed Reception and Y1 class, and the teaching of just the fluency programme in mixed age classes for Y1 and above. The mixed age planning support provided for the programmes was unpicked and explained.