Implementation guidance

If you are new to Number Sense Maths, this page lays out the steps we suggest taking to get going with the programme. The action plan below will help you to make the most of the resources, guidance and support available to help you implement the programme successfully.

Preparing to start: Action Plan

The actions listed should be carried out by a combination of the Maths/KS1 Lead, and the staff members who will be teaching the programme. You can register for the training and webinars via our training page, and will find all the guidance, videos and lesson plans in the Teacher Guidance section of the Teacher Portal (available to free members as well as subscribers). Our six-session in-depth training course, developing a detailed understanding of number fact teaching, is also available to subscribing schools who would like further support.

      Please note: This chart can be printed and used to track progress. Just click on the image to launch a printable pdf.