Times Table Fluency sample resources

The Times Table Fluency programme is a teacher-led approach to developing fluency in facts and concepts for all children. Here is a sample of the resources in the programme. To see more free resources sign up for free membership which provides access to four complete units of work.

Introductory lesson plans and guidance

We provide printable downloads of everything you need to teach each unit confidently:

- Unit plan

- Introductory lesson plan

- Independent work for children

- Targeted support guidance

- Exemplar displays

Example lesson plan

(Extract from 5 times table plan)

Example display guidance

(Square times table)

Start of unit animations

A series of animations develops children's understanding of structures within times tables and  relate multiplicative equations to these. They also start to develop familiarity with the spoken sound of the facts, which will be developed over the following weeks in daily fluency sessions. The animations provided for each unit are progressive; scaffolds are withdrawn through each teaching sequence as the children build confidence and understanding.

Constructing the times table

(Extract from a 5 times table animation)

Writing multiples

(Extract from a 9 times table animation)

Oral rehearsal of new facts

(Extract from a 2 times table animation)

Deriving multiples

(Extract from a 5 times table animation)

Fluency booklet

Facts are learnt through oral rehearsal and retained through retrieval practice. Each unit has a booklet containing daily fluency practice sheets, which you use in a daily fluency session.

The daily fluency session is structured into 4 parts: filling in the practice sheet, whole class oral rehearsal of facts, taking in the scores, and celebrating progress.

A subscription to the programme provides access detailed training videos on the 4 elements of the daily practice session.

Example fluency booklet

(Extract from 6 times table booklet)

End of unit animations

Use the end of unit animations once children are fluent in their facts for that times table. These animations provide a chance for children to apply their facts to related mathematical concepts, such as identifying factors, division with remainders, and identifying multiples of a number beyond known times table facts. 

Is it a multiple?

(Extract from a 7 times table animation)

Factor Venn

(Extract from a 5 times table animation)

Beyond known facts

(Extract from a 3 times table animation)

Is it a square?

(Extract from a square times table animation)