Early Years Number Sense sample resources

The Early Years Number Sense Programme has a comprehensive set of teaching animations. Discussion support is provided for each animation, along with pedagogical subject knowledge. Here is a sample of the resources provided. For more free resources sign up for free membership.

Example animations

How many?

This animation provides practise subitising one, two, three and four, and linking number names to these quantities. There is not always a clear answer: some images contain both one-ness and four-ness for example, and are chosen to promote discussion.


This animation provides experience of four-ness. In the first half, spot the matching pair of tetrominones. In the second half, move a tile to change one tetromino to another. Lots of opportunity for positional language and spatial reasoning.

What's missing from five?

This animation helps children identify bonds to five by encouraging visualisation. There are five cakes in a dice five arrangement. How many have gone missing? When children are confident with these they know their number bonds to five. First half has no numerals. Second half repeats animation with numerals.

Example animation guidance