Free up time for number fact teaching. Teach Year 1 national curriculum through daily routines.

This article was written to accompany the launch of the EEF report 'Improving Mathematics in the Early Years and Key Stage 1' and the original blog was published on the Research Schools website.  This slightly longer version includes a bit more detail on some of the routines we have been using.

We've found that much of the Year 1 number curriculum can be covered through everyday routines, and in fact is better done this way because of the 'little and often' reinforcement it offers to skills such as fluent counting.  This means that about the only number objective we teach in the main maths lessons is adding and subtracting within ten, and 'ten and a bit' teens numbers.  (We also do lots of space, shape and measures). Some of our trial schools have also made similar moves and integrated a lot of our materials into their whole class maths lessons. However other schools prefer keeping their number facts teaching in a separate daily session similar to a phonics session.