Subscriber coaching

Year 1 wider curriculum - Thu 6 Jul, 4-5pm

Many schools tell us that they find it easiest to implement our Number Facts Fluency programme in a daily session separate to the main maths lesson, and so this is our default recommendation. However, as the national focus on 'slowing down' Year 1 continues, you may want to consider making our programme a more central part of your Year 1 curriculum. In this session we support you with doing just this, with particular reference to how our programme fits with the Ready to Progress guidance and NCETM Curriculum Prioritisation materials. 

General information on subscriber coaching:

Subscriber coaching sessions are live 1 hour sessions that support teachers/TAs who are using the Number Sense Maths programmes in school. Four sessions are held every long term (12 per year) covering topics related to the Number Sense Maths programmes. Sessions are open to all teachers/TAs at subscribing schools at no additional cost. Each session has ~30 minutes on a specific theme, followed by ~30 minutes live Q&A on any implementation questions you may have. The first half of session is recorded and uploaded to the Teacher Portal the day after the session. The second half is not recorded so that attendees can speak freely in the live Q&A. Please note: we advise attending introductory training before coming to coaching so you have got a basic understanding of the programmes. You can then use the coaching to improve your understanding and implementation.