In-depth training: Number Fact Teaching

This course provides an opportunity to spend time discussing and learning about the research, pedagogy and principles behind systematic number fact teaching, and will help you to get the most out of the Number Facts Fluency programme. Teachers join a group of engaged practitioners, sharing advice and support in the training sessions and in the online community group for the course.

The course costs £75+vat per person and is open to teachers/TAs at subscribing schools.

Testimonials from the 2020/2021 courses

"Has transformed the way I think about mathematics"

"This training has seriously been a light-bulb for me" 

"Provoking curiosity a step beyond other maths CPD"

Course content and approach

The Number Fact Teaching in-depth course covers both the pedagogy and research behind our Number Facts Fluency programme, and also the 'programme practicalities' of how to get up and running with the programme in your school. The course is made up of six modules. Each module provides a detailed review of key topic content along with optional gap tasks for completion outside the course. There is also time for group discussion and questions.

Module 1:

Visual number foundations

Subitising numbers to 10. Composition of numbers to 10.

Module 2:

Fluency within 10

Number facts and calculation strategies within 10.

Module 3:

Strategy selection

Independent use of calculation strategies. Assessing fluency.

Module 4:

Ten and A Bit

Subitising quantities 11 to 20. Linking place value to calculation.

Module 5:

Bridging 10

Number facts and calculation strategies across 10.

Module 6:

Two digit calculation

Extending facts and strategies learnt within and across 10.

Course dates and booking

Our Number Fact Teaching in-depth course is run six times year (twice every long term), on either a Tuesday or a Thursday morning. The course modules are spread across two mornings, with all sessions held over zoom.

Term 3, Spring 2022

Course dates

Tue 18 Jan, 9am-12.15pm

Tue 8 Feb, 9am-12.15pm


Term 4, Spring 2022

Course dates

Thu 17 Mar, 9am-12.15pm

Thu 31 Mar, 9am-12.15pm

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