Early Years Number Sense Programme

The Early Years Number Sense Programme provides all the resources you need to teach regular whole class number sense sessions, The pedagogical subject knowledge and progression embedded in the programme provides significant professional development for teachers and TAs. Implementation coaching sessions are included in the subscription to help your children get the best outcomes.

"We have used in Reception and I can't even begin to explain how great the resources are!",

The Learning for Life Partnership

Programme highlights

Develops a deep understanding of quantities to ten

We are born with an innate ability to process small quantities visually. The Early Years Number Sense programme meets children at this starting point of subitising one and two, and develops a deep understanding of all the quantities to ten. The programme develops subitising, manipulating, and partitioning of numbers to 10, and supports children to see their different properties. 

Visuospatial approach

Subitising is a visuospatial skill, and we have thought carefully about how we develop children's understanding of number and spatial awareness hand in hand. The programme materials expose the different ways that small quantities can be arranged and manipulated, and teach children to see quantities within quantities. The programme supports children to develop their own visual images of quantities to ten.

Promotes talk and reasoning

The programme animations provide mathematically rich images that are a stimulus for regular whole class number sense discussions. Discussion support is provided for each animation, along with associated pedagogical subject knowledge and prompts for wider provision.

Systematic and structured

The programme's systematic approach provides a coherent teaching sequence to develop a deep understanding of numbers to 10. The structure of the programme materials means they can be used to support curriculum planning, and/or to provide highly visual resources that tie in with your existing curriculum sequence.

Matched to 2021 statutory framework

The Early Years Number Sense programme is written to tie closely to the 2021 statutory framework. It covers all the number elements of the framework, with the exception of counting. Our teacher guidance materials also show how the programme materials can be used to support the assessment of the Early Learning Goals for Number and Numerical Patterns.

Professional development

The structured nature of the programme, combined with the detailed guidance for each animation, provides in built support for teachers and TAs to develop their pedagogical subject knowledge.

The associated programme guidance section on the portal provides additional support on areas including curriculum planning and assessment.