Number Sense Maths Programmes

Number Sense Maths offers two programmes: Early Years Number Sense and Number Facts Fluency. The programmes are research-informed, highly visual, and systematic and structured.

Schools access the programmes through subscriptions to the Teacher Portal.

The Early Years Number Sense Programme provides teaching resources and guidance which meet key elements of the educational programme for mathematics in the 2021 statutory framework for the early years foundation stage. The programme also supports the assessment of the Early Learning Goals for Number and Numerical Patterns.

Structured around 95 teaching animations, the programme can be used as the central structure and resource for the teaching of number in Early Years, or as a source of resources to supplement your existing curriculum, however it is organised. The structured nature of the programme, combined with the detailed guidance for each animation, provides in built support for teachers and TAs to develop their pedagogical subject knowledge.

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The Number Facts Fluency Programme is a fully resourced scheme of work focused entirely on number fact teaching. The highly visual, research informed programme provides the structure and depth to number fact teaching that children need to achieve fluency.

All the teaching and assessment resources schools need to deliver daily, 15 minute number fact sessions is provided. A fully customisable number fact practice sheet generator is also included. The extensive teaching guidance includes daily teaching plans for whole class teaching in Key Stage 1.

Comprehensive guidance is also provided for mixed age classes, along with guidance on using the programme for whole class teaching and interventions in Key Stage 2 and beyond.

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