What is Number Sense Maths?

Phonics for maths

Number Sense Maths brings the rigour to teaching early calculation that phonics brings to teaching early reading. NSM Number Facts® is the programme for schools. It is a systematic and structured scheme of work based on a defined set of addition and subtraction facts and a defined set of calculation strategies. NSM At Home is a range of parent and tutor friendly workbooks and resources based on key elements of the schools programme. 

Research informed

There is a wealth of research evidence telling us about the mathematical development of young children. Number Sense Maths is informed by this, and by over 10 years of primary maths teaching experience, by maths lesson observations in Shanghai, and by parenting young children through KS1 and beyond. 7 key research principles underpin the programme.

Highly visual

Number Sense Maths builds on our innate ability to process quantities visually with graphics that expose mathematical structures. With animations and exercises with visual scaffolding, and a wide range of practical activities, the programme develops children’s visual understanding of number and quantity. Go to Free resources to see examples of the resources for schools, or the Home Learning Zone for free resources for parents and tutors.

Led by content not technology

NSM Number Facts® is content for teachers, delivered through the online Teacher Portal. It is not an online practice platform for children. Sign up for FREE membership of the Portal for access to a substantial selection of the programme resources that you can try out in school, or for a FULL subscription from £99. NSM At Home is a range of parent and tutor friendly workbooks, animations and practical resources. Click here to find out more.